May 23rd, 2008


Such an impressive subject

Damn. Tomo's newest PB is so... cute. I loved that such girly pics. Holy Crap. I just wanna see Yagami wearing a colorful kimono and Kane-chan carrying Ouji of his. Just dreams I wanna see to come true. It's such a indeed impressive dream, isn't it? My dad saw I took a look in Tomo's pb and he liked---


Geez. Whenever I show my Japanese and related stuffs to my dad, he got impressed and he just--- liked. I DIDN'T know about this indeed.

"Wow. It's a man?"

"Yeah." Here I thought he would hit me.

"That's so amazing. How does he do this? Japanese guys are so awesome."

"Dad. Are you sure?"

"Yeah. Why?"

After that why I got impressed. He REALLY said he liked girly Tomo. "It's so pretty. If I weren't married I would love to date him." It took me the whole day to believe in him. I just believe when I saw he buying Tomo's pb. He looked at me:

"This pb is mine. Don't ask for me."



Changing the subject, Kane-chan was pretty cute. He paid tribute to Sanada's b-day. He made a cake as well. <3
Sanada deserves, doesn't he?
magnoleo had said to me about his newest movie. He gonna be a kindergarten teacher. WHAT? KINDERGARTEN TEACHER? So cute! Can't wait to see it!


miraizu, sorry. Neither I didn't answer your memes nor I'll not answer my ones here today. D:
aicchi, where are you? ;_;
And I've already posted the first chapter of my fic :D Enjoy it.