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I'm very glad now. My dad said to me I can travel to Japan to watch The Imperial Presence Hyoutei Gakuen feat. Higa Chuu and I can't wait for this. I just need to think about what day I'd better travel there coz I have many things to do at the University. My mom accepted it and I asked myself: My mom got a fever? At least my dream to see Yagami dancing finally gonna come true!

I thought what I must do to please Sanada coz his b-day will be on Wednesday.  Really. Dunno actually. I'd better think until his b-day but I don't have any idea. Sorry Sanada ;; I think I will give you a simple gift.

Hey everyone I'd like to have your MSNs. I'll screen the comments coz of this, all right?
Tags: aily, tenimyu, tenipuri
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