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A fic to Sanada

Well. I gonna post a fic to Sanada. I really apologize if I made some mistakes cos I'm very busy.

Title: Shinozawa University
Author: Ailyme
Pairing: Sanada/Yukimura
Rating: PG-13 or NC-17?
Shinozawa is an important University from Kanagawa. It has a strong Tennis team where Yukimura is the buchou and Sanada, the fukubuchou. They're 23 years old and bla bla bla. I will explain their course after.
Author's Notes:
Just the first chapter. I'll write the others soon.

Chapter 1: Composition

The wind was calm.
Sanada, with his serious face, was trying to read a book to prepare himself to a Japanese exam. Mr. Matsumoto had said to his students they had to write a composition about nouns.

"Fuck you." Thought Sanada scratching his head when he was putting the book on the table. He didn't  want to do his obligation, of course.

He took his racket and get off home. He was thinking about the University's Nationals.
Sanada Genichirou. 23 years old. History was his course. Sanada loved studying about Samurais and he would love to be a History teacher because of this. His University: Shinozawa, one of the most important Universities around the world.
Arriving in the courts, Sanada started playing by himself. His head was heavy and his body trembling.

"The Nationals. Am I able to win? Dammit." Sanada threw his racket.


He noticed Yukimura and got calm a little bit. Yukimura was holding his racket. It seemed he was playing too.

"What's the matter, Sanada?"


"Tell me, please."

Sanada couldn't disobey Yukimura. He started complaining but Yukimura laughed.

"What hell are you laughing?" Said Sanada angrily.

"You're so cute, Sanada." Smiled Yukimura.

"Hah?" Sanada got shy.

"I love when you get angry."

Sanada remained in silence, embarrassed, however he would like to smile. Yukimura realized his red cheeks and smiled once again.

"Sanada, let's play a while? And don't whimper if you lose."

"Neither I am not going to lose nor whimper."

They started playing. Sanada was giving his best but Yukimura just playing for fun.

"Come'on, Yukimura! Try to beat me!"

"Heh. Don't provoke me, Sanada."


"Finished?" Asked Sanada to Yukimura about Mr. Matsumoto's composition. He had said to Yukimura's class he wanted a composition too.

"Yeah. Just write yours as well." Yukimura laughed.

"I know." Sanada sulked.

Actually Sanada didn't know how he could start the composition. His area of expertise is History, not Japanese.

"My area of expertise is Arts, not Japanese as well." Said Yukimura.

"Chi... I already know!" Sanada kept complaining.

His composition wasn't good. Sanada really wanted to rest. It was 12:00 am. His eyes were closing but Yukimura nudged him.

"Sanada, don't give up!"

"Shut up."

After Sanada finally finished his composition. His eyes were painful. He just wanted to sleep. Yukimura read it and laughed.

"God, Sanada. You do want to rest, don't you? You wrote 'The nouns are boring me because I wanna sleep'. Mr. Matsumoto will get angry with this. Haha."

"The problem is his." Sanada laid down on his bed.



"I want to make love with you."

"So you can--- WHAT?" Sanada turned his face to Yukimura, impressed.


"Yu... Yukimura? Are you sure?"

"Forget this composition. I want you."

Sanada's cheeks got red like a chili. His heart was beating fast. Yukimura touched his face softly and his lips wanted to kiss his lover.

"Kiss me, Sanada. I feel like kissing you." Yukimura began taking his shirt off and Sanada got embarrassed.

"Y... Yukimura" Suddenly Sanada touched Yukimura's face and kissed him. His hands were touching his lover's nipples. Yukimura groaned.

"I like you, Sanada."

"Don't talk. Just feel me inside you."

Tags: fic, sanada/yukimura

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