Give me my 'Satoumizu'!

Last week my Satoumizu's doujins arrived however... I wasn't home and my dad took advantage of that. He stole my doujins!
Ok, ok... no wickedness. He just love Satoumizu like me therefore I forgave him.

Nevertheless my mom got angry because of that and hid them.
'Ok... I'm already 20 years old but she thinks I'm up to her. Hello?? I ain't a child!'

Fortunately my dad persuaded her and she returned the doujins to me.

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New clothes

I have bought new clothes for me besides I had better save money to get my Tenipuri doujins. Moreover I need to buy The Progressive Match Higa Chuu feat. Rikkai DVD. It costs 8,600 yen (about $83,60)! I would rather buy it but my mom forced me (she doesn't like I buy "useless" stuffs).

But I don't mind because my father likes tennis and  PoT. He buys my stuffs :D
By the way he bought for me Buchou Sanjou 1! I'm just waiting for it now. *loves Satoumizu* lol

Just Starting

Finally I got a LJ.

I don't know what I write here now however I would like to meet new friends and talking about The Prince of Tennis, my favorite anime. My favorite Junior High School is Rikkai Daigaku Fuzoku where my dear Yukimura is.
Other related things I would like to tell you are:
- I love Seigaku however I hate Echizen (you know what reason is);
- Yaoi is my life therefore I don't have prejudice.
- My favorite singer in Tenimyu is Yagami Ren.

I think that's all. Nice to meet you. :)
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